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Our research interests lie at the interface of organic/inorganic synthesis, nanoscience, and materials chemistry. We will address challenges related to sustainable energy and human health.

Designer Materials

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We will leverage the toolboxes of organic and inorganic chemistry to precisely control MOF composition at both the atomic and molecular levels. We will develop a new family of optically- and electronically-active porous materials with various dimensions and length scales to investigate their structure-property-performance relationships.

Sustainable Energy

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We will design and synthesize organic-inorganic hybrid materials that take advantage of molecular chemistry in the solid-state to advance sustainable energy technology. 
We will use our materials as chemical tools to gain in-depth mechanistic understanding and solve fundamental challenges encountered in electrocatalysis and electrochemical energy storage.

Biomedical Applications

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We will develop versatile strategies to realize cooperative functionalities in a single nanoplatform. We will impart molecular functions to porous materials and their heterostructures that selectively respond to important analytes and external stimuli for imaging and sensing applications.

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