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synthesis∙ materials chemistry∙ nanoscience

Welcome to the Park Lab!

The Park Lab started in January of 2020.

We are interested in designing new porous electronic materials. We utilize these materials as tools to address scientific challenges in sustainable energy and human health-related applications. 

Primarily, we will focus on metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) and their heterostructures or composites to explore their new photonic/electronic properties. Our research will also involve methodology development and in-depth characterization to advance materials development.

Recent Group News

May 2023

Samuel and Brianna both receive Best Gen Chem Lab TA and Org Chem Lab TA Awards! Congratulations!

Mar 2023

Big congratulations to Brianna Check winning the NSF GRFP!!

Oct 2022

We welcome new postdoc, Dr. Xiaoyu Fang to the group! 😀

Sept 2022

Jiyong's paper accepted in Chem! Big congratulations!!

May 2022

Bao and Jiyong's work is accepted in JACS! Congratulations to Bao for his first lead-author paper from Park lab!

May 2022

The lab receives the ACS PRF grant! A big thank you to the PRF for supporting our research!

May 2022

Woohoo! Adam receives ACS Undergraduate Research Award in Organic Chemistry! Adam starts his PhD at Northwestern in September.

May 2022

Our talented undergraduate students, Adam (Summa Cum Laude), Kyle, and Nakyoung graduated this Spring! Congratulations! 🎉

APR 2022

Bao is awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, congratulations! 🎉 #ProudPI #ThankyouNSF

SEP. 2021

The group's first publication is out! Congratulations to the lead author, Jiyong! We also welcome Benjamin from MSE program and Christian from Biochemistry department!

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